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Category:GO:0002376 ! immune system process

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DAG for GO:0002376id: GO:0002376

name: immune system process
namespace: biological_process
def: "Any process involved in the development or functioning of the immune system, an organismal system for calibrated responses to potential internal or invasive threats." [GO_REF:0000022, GOC:add, GOC:mtg_15nov05]
comment: Note that this term is a direct child of 'biological_process ; GO:0008150' because some immune system processes are types of cellular process (GO:0009987), whereas others are types of multicellular organism process (GO:0032501). This term was added by GO_REF:0000022.
subset: goslim_agr
subset: goslim_chembl
subset: goslim_flybase_ribbon
subset: goslim_generic
subset: goslim_mouse
subset: goslim_pir
xref: Wikipedia:Immune_system
is_a: GO:0008150 ! biological_process
disjoint_from: GO:0044848 ! biological phase


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