It is now the 2nd CHALLENGE Period for CACAO Spring 2018! It will end on Monday February 26, 2018 at 05:59 pm CST
This is your chance to challenge other team's annotations. You may also DEFEND or suggest improvements to your own annotations IF they have been challenged. Please note, although we ENCOURAGE challenges, an excess of identical challenges that do not appear to be applicable to the annotation or well thought out will be considered spam and ignored.

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Welcome to

the Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System
823 registered users
GONUTS is the current home of CACAO!
The GONUTS wiki has been set up to provide third-party documentation for users of the Gene Ontology Project. The GO wiki is not an official product of the GO consortium. It was built by users at TAMU for newcomers to the Gene Ontology who want to explore GO usage. The rationale for this wiki is described in About GONUTS.

To browse the ontology pages, search for a term or visit the paramount GO page page and select a branch. For more information about how this wiki is automatically updated, see GO wiki scripts. For Help using the system, see Help:Contents, which is available in the navigation links from all pages.



Feel free to email us or Jim with questions.

Joining GONUTS

We welcome the contributions of anyone that can help us expand the current pages or add new annotations. Simply create an account or log in to your existing account, and you will be able to contribute to GONUTS.

GONUTS is currently set up so anyone can view or search, but only registered users can edit or add pages. Currently registered users can create new users, and we are working to add at least one registered user for each participating database (So far we have registered users at EcoliHub, EcoCyc, GOA, BeeBase, SGD, dictyBase, FlyBase, WormBase, TAIR, Rat Genome Database, ZFIN, MGI, UCL and AgBase .. please let us know if we forgot you!)

Feel free to email us or Jim with account questions or requests.

Searching GONUTS

  • Enter some keywords into the search box on the upper right, and the wiki will look for matches in the GO terms or in the commentary. By default we search in the Categories, which is where the GO terms are, and in the Articles, which includes pages on genes from different organisms.
  • For more advanced users, see the Special:Search page, where you can set which namespaces are searched.

Genomes Currently Covered

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