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Papers in PubMed

Just add:

<ref name=PMID:xxxxxxx/>

Where xxxxxxx is the PMID number. Use the links under the entry box to save on typing.

Papers not in PubMed, Book Chapters, Books, etc

If the reference doesn't have a PMID, you can enclose it in <ref></ref> tags. If you also give your reference a name, so multiple occurrences will use the same line in the References section.

<ref name=name>reference info</ref>

For frequently used references, we keep a list of shortcuts at GONUTS Reference Library. These are tagged with LIB:, like this:

<ref name=LIB:shortcut/>

Adding a References section

To see the formatted references as a list, insert


in the page where you want the list to appear. Note that the reference list will only show references that are cited above it. More than one <references/> section can be used.