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Category:GO:0008150 ! biological process

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DAG for GO:0008150id: GO:0008150

name: biological_process
namespace: biological_process
alt_id: GO:0000004
alt_id: GO:0007582
alt_id: GO:0044699
def: "A biological process represents a specific objective that the organism is genetically programmed to achieve. Biological processes are often described by their outcome or ending state, e.g., the biological process of cell division results in the creation of two daughter cells (a divided cell) from a single parent cell. A biological process is accomplished by a particular set of molecular functions carried out by specific gene products (or macromolecular complexes), often in a highly regulated manner and in a particular temporal sequence." [GOC:pdt]
comment: Note that, in addition to forming the root of the biological process ontology, this term is recommended for use for the annotation of gene products whose biological process is unknown. When this term is used for annotation, it indicates that no information was available about the biological process of the gene product annotated as of the date the annotation was made; the evidence code "no data" (ND), is used to indicate this.
subset: goslim_aspergillus
subset: goslim_candida
subset: goslim_chembl
subset: goslim_generic
subset: goslim_metagenomics
subset: goslim_pir
subset: goslim_plant
subset: goslim_pombe
subset: goslim_yeast
synonym: "biological process" EXACT []
synonym: "physiological process" EXACT []
synonym: "single organism process" RELATED []
synonym: "single-organism process" RELATED []
xref: Wikipedia:Biological_process


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