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Category:GO:0005925 ! focal adhesion

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DAG for GO:0005925id: GO:0005925

name: focal adhesion
namespace: cellular_component
alt_id: GO:0005926
alt_id: GO:0008357
def: "A cell-substrate junction that anchors the cell to the extracellular matrix and that forms a point of termination of actin filaments. In insects focal adhesion has also been referred to as hemi-adherens junction (HAJ)." [GOC:aruk, GOC:bc, ISBN:0124325653, ISBN:0815316208, PMID:10419689, PMID:12191915, PMID:15246682, PMID:1643657, PMID:16805308, PMID:19197329, PMID:23033047, PMID:26923917, PMID:28796323, PMID:8314002]
synonym: "adhesion plaque" RELATED [PMID:3332661]
synonym: "connecting hemi-adherens junction" EXACT []
synonym: "focal contact" EXACT []
synonym: "HAJ" EXACT []
synonym: "hemi-adherens junction" EXACT []
xref: Wikipedia:Focal_adhesion
is_a: GO:0030055 ! cell-substrate junction

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