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Category:GO:0006915 ! apoptotic process

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DAG for GO:0006915id: GO:0006915

name: apoptotic process
namespace: biological_process
alt_id: GO:0006917
alt_id: GO:0008632
def: "A programmed cell death process which begins when a cell receives an internal (e.g. DNA damage) or external signal (e.g. an extracellular death ligand), and proceeds through a series of biochemical events (signaling pathway phase) which trigger an execution phase. The execution phase is the last step of an apoptotic process, and is typically characterized by rounding-up of the cell, retraction of pseudopodes, reduction of cellular volume (pyknosis), chromatin condensation, nuclear fragmentation (karyorrhexis), plasma membrane blebbing and fragmentation of the cell into apoptotic bodies. When the execution phase is completed, the cell has died." [GOC:cjm, GOC:dhl, GOC:ecd, GOC:go_curators, GOC:mtg_apoptosis, GOC:tb, ISBN:0198506732, PMID:18846107, PMID:21494263]
synonym: "activation of apoptosis" NARROW []
synonym: "apoptosis" NARROW []
synonym: "apoptosis activator activity" RELATED []
synonym: "apoptosis signaling" NARROW []
synonym: "apoptotic cell death" EXACT [GOC:sl]
synonym: "apoptotic program" NARROW [GOC:add]
synonym: "apoptotic programmed cell death" EXACT []
synonym: "caspase-dependent programmed cell death" RELATED []
synonym: "cell suicide" BROAD []
synonym: "cellular suicide" BROAD []
synonym: "commitment to apoptosis" RELATED []
synonym: "induction of apoptosis" RELATED []
synonym: "induction of apoptosis by p53" RELATED []
synonym: "programmed cell death by apoptosis" EXACT []
synonym: "signaling (initiator) caspase activity" RELATED []
synonym: "type I programmed cell death" NARROW []
xref: Wikipedia:Apoptosis
is_a: GO:0012501 ! programmed cell death

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Usage Notes

This term refers to the killing of an organism's own cells. If you want to describe the killing of the cells of another organism, use GO:0031640.


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