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DAG for GO:0005634id: GO:0005634

name: nucleus
namespace: cellular_component
def: "A membrane-bounded organelle of eukaryotic cells in which chromosomes are housed and replicated. In most cells, the nucleus contains all of the cell's chromosomes except the organellar chromosomes, and is the site of RNA synthesis and processing. In some species, or in specialized cell types, RNA metabolism or DNA replication may be absent." [GOC:go_curators]
subset: goslim_agr
subset: goslim_candida
subset: goslim_chembl
subset: goslim_drosophila
subset: goslim_flybase_ribbon
subset: goslim_generic
subset: goslim_metagenomics
subset: goslim_mouse
subset: goslim_pir
subset: goslim_plant
subset: goslim_yeast
synonym: "cell nucleus" EXACT []
synonym: "horsetail nucleus" NARROW [GOC:al, GOC:mah, GOC:vw, PMID:15030757]
xref: NIF_Subcellular:sao1702920020
xref: Wikipedia:Cell_nucleus
is_a: GO:0043231 ! intracellular membrane-bounded organelle

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