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DAG for GO:0000781id: GO:0000781

name: chromosome, telomeric region
namespace: cellular_component
alt_id: GO:0000784
def: "The end of a linear chromosome, required for the integrity and maintenance of the end. A chromosome telomere usually includes a region of telomerase-encoded repeats the length of which rarely exceeds 20 bp each and that permits the formation of a telomeric loop (T-loop). The telomeric repeat region is usually preceded by a sub-telomeric region that is gene-poor but rich in repetitive elements. Some telomeres only consist of the latter part (for eg. D. melanogaster telomeres)." [GOC:elh]
comment: Note that this term can be used in place of the obsolete cellular component term 'telomere ; GO:0005696'. Use with caution because this term refers to a specific region of the chromosome and not a protein complex.
synonym: "nuclear chromosome, telomere" NARROW []
synonym: "nuclear chromosome, telomeric region" NARROW []
synonym: "telomere" RELATED []
xref: SO:0000624
is_a: GO:0098687 ! chromosomal region

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