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Category:GO:0030163 ! protein catabolic process

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DAG for GO:0030163id: GO:0030163

name: protein catabolic process
namespace: biological_process
alt_id: GO:0044254
alt_id: GO:0044257
def: "The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the breakdown of a protein by the destruction of the native, active configuration, with or without the hydrolysis of peptide bonds." [GOC:mah]
comment: This term refers to the breakdown of mature proteins. For cleavage events involved in generating a mature protein from a precursor, consider instead the term 'protein maturation ; GO:0051604' and its children.
subset: goslim_candida
subset: goslim_drosophila
subset: goslim_generic
subset: goslim_pombe
subset: goslim_prokaryote
synonym: "cellular protein breakdown" EXACT []
synonym: "cellular protein catabolic process" EXACT []
synonym: "cellular protein catabolism" EXACT []
synonym: "cellular protein degradation" EXACT []
synonym: "multicellular organismal protein catabolic process" NARROW []
synonym: "pheromone catabolic process" RELATED []
synonym: "pheromone catabolism" RELATED []
synonym: "protein breakdown" EXACT []
synonym: "protein catabolism" EXACT []
synonym: "protein degradation" EXACT []
xref: Wikipedia:Protein_catabolism
is_a: GO:0009057 ! macromolecule catabolic process
is_a: GO:0019538 ! protein metabolic process
is_a: GO:1901565 ! organonitrogen compound catabolic process

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