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Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)

Gene:atgr-18 on WormBase

GO terms

GO:0002119_!_nematode_larval_development (P) IMP with/from WB:WBRNAi00073088 WB:WBPhenotype0000059 [1]
GO:0006914_!_autophagy (P) IGI with/from WB:WBGene00000898 [2]
GO:0012501_!_programmed_cell_death (P) IGI with/from WB:WBGene00000950 [3]
GO:0012501_!_programmed_cell_death (P) IGI with/from WB:WBGene00003168 [3]
GO:0030163_!_protein_catabolic_process (P) IMP [4]
GO:0040007_!_growth (P) IMP with/from WB:WBRNAi00073088 WB:WBPhenotype0000059 [1]
GO:0040010_!_positive_regulation_of_growth_rate (P) IMP with/from WB:WBRNAi00027330 WB:WBPhenotype0000031 [5]
GO:0040024_!_dauer_larval_development (P) IGI with/from WB:WBGene00000898 [2]

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