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Category:GO:0003712 ! transcription coregulator activity

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DAG for GO:0003712id: GO:0003712

name: transcription coregulator activity
namespace: molecular_function
alt_id: GO:0001104
alt_id: GO:0016455
def: "A transcription regulator activity that modulates the transcription of specific gene sets via binding to a DNA-bound DNA-binding transcription factor, either on its own or as part of a complex. Coregulators often act by altering chromatin structure and modifications. For example, one class of transcription coregulators modifies chromatin structure through covalent modification of histones. A second class remodels the conformation of chromatin in an ATP-dependent fashion. A third class modulates interactions of DNA-bound DNA-binding transcription factors with other transcription coregulators." [GOC:txnOH-2018, PMID:10213677, PMID:16858867, PMID:24203923, PMID:25957681, Wikipedia:Transcription_coregulator]
comment: Usage guidance: Most transcription coregulators do not bind DNA. Those that do usually bind DNA either in a non-specific or non-direct manner. If a protein binds DNA specifically, consider annotating to GO:0003700 DNA binding transcription factor activity.
subset: goslim_drosophila
synonym: "RNA polymerase II transcriptional cofactor activity" RELATED []
synonym: "transcription cofactor activity" EXACT []
synonym: "transcriptional co-regulator" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0140110 ! transcription regulator activity

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