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Category:GO:0006298 ! mismatch repair

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DAG for GO:0006298id: GO:0006298

name: mismatch repair
namespace: biological_process
alt_id: GO:0006300
def: "A system for the correction of errors in which an incorrect base, which cannot form hydrogen bonds with the corresponding base in the parent strand, is incorporated into the daughter strand. The mismatch repair system promotes genomic fidelity by repairing base-base mismatches, insertion-deletion loops and heterologies generated during DNA replication and recombination." [ISBN:0198506732, PMID:11687886]
synonym: "long patch mismatch repair system" NARROW []
synonym: "mismatch repair, MutL-like pathway" RELATED []
synonym: "MMR" EXACT []
synonym: "MutS/MutL/MutH pathway" RELATED []
xref: Wikipedia:DNA_mismatch_repair
is_a: GO:0006281 ! DNA repair

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Mechanisms and functions of DNA mismatch repair. [1]

DNA mismatch repair and Lynch syndrome. [2]


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