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Category:GO:0005790 ! smooth endoplasmic reticulum

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DAG for GO:0005790id: GO:0005790

name: smooth endoplasmic reticulum
namespace: cellular_component
def: "The smooth endoplasmic reticulum (smooth ER or SER) has no ribosomes attached to it. The smooth ER is the recipient of the proteins synthesized in the rough ER. Those proteins to be exported are passed to the Golgi complex, the resident proteins are returned to the rough ER and the lysosomal proteins after phosphorylation of their mannose residues are passed to the lysosomes. Glycosylation of the glycoproteins also continues. The smooth ER is the site of synthesis of lipids, including the phospholipids. The membranes of the smooth ER also contain enzymes that catalyze a series of reactions to detoxify both lipid-soluble drugs and harmful products of metabolism. Large quantities of certain compounds such as phenobarbital cause an increase in the amount of the smooth ER." [ISBN:0198506732]
synonym: "SER" EXACT []
synonym: "smooth ER" EXACT []
xref: NIF_Subcellular:sao710427438
xref: Wikipedia:Endoplasmic_reticulum#Smooth_endoplasmic_reticulum
is_a: GO:0005783 ! endoplasmic reticulum

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