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Category:GO:0005215 ! transporter activity

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DAG for GO:0005215id: GO:0005215

name: transporter activity
namespace: molecular_function
alt_id: GO:0005478
def: "Enables the directed movement of substances (such as macromolecules, small molecules, ions) into, out of or within a cell, or between cells." [GOC:ai, GOC:dgf]
comment: Some transporters, such as certain members of the SLC family, are referred to as 'carriers'; however GO uses carrier with a different meaning: a carrier binds to and transports the substance (see GO:0140104 molecular carrier activity), whereas a transporter forms some pore that allows the passing of molecules.
subset: gocheck_do_not_annotate
subset: goslim_agr
subset: goslim_candida
subset: goslim_chembl
subset: goslim_flybase_ribbon
subset: goslim_generic
subset: goslim_metagenomics
subset: goslim_mouse
subset: goslim_pir
subset: goslim_plant
subset: prokaryote_subset
synonym: "carrier" RELATED []
is_a: GO:0003674 ! molecular_function

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