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Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast)

YKR105C:Putative transporter of the Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS)
YKR105C on SGD

GO terms

GO:0003674_!_molecular_function (F) ND [1]
GO:0005215_!_transporter_activity (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR007114 [2]
GO:0005575_!_cellular_component (C) ND [1]
GO:0006810_!_transport (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR007114 [2]
GO:0006810_!_transport (P) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0813 [3]
GO:0008150_!_biological_process (P) ND [1]
GO:0015520_!_tetracycline:hydrogen_antiporter_activity (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001958 [2]
GO:0015904_!_tetracycline_transport (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001958 [2]
GO:0016020_!_membrane (C) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0472 [3]
GO:0016020_!_membrane (C) IEA with/from SP_SL:SL-0162 [4]
GO:0016021_!_integral_to_membrane (C) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR007114 InterPro:IPR001958 [2]
GO:0016021_!_integral_to_membrane (C) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0812 [3]
GO:0046677_!_response_to_antibiotic (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001958 [2]

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