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Category:GO:0036297 ! interstrand cross-link repair

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DAG for GO:0036297id: GO:0036297

name: interstrand cross-link repair
namespace: biological_process
def: "Removal of a DNA interstrand crosslink (a covalent attachment of DNA bases on opposite strands of the DNA) and restoration of the DNA. DNA interstrand crosslinks occur when both strands of duplex DNA are covalently tethered together (e.g. by an exogenous or endogenous agent), thus preventing the strand unwinding necessary for essential DNA functions such as transcription and replication." [GOC:vw, PMID:16464006, PMID:22064477]
synonym: "ICL repair" EXACT [PMID:20658649]
is_a: GO:0006281 ! DNA repair

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