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Category:GO:0036298 ! recombinational interstrand cross-link repair

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DAG for GO:0036298id: GO:0036298

name: recombinational interstrand cross-link repair
namespace: biological_process
def: "Removal of a DNA interstrand crosslink (a covalent attachment of DNA bases on opposite strands of the DNA) and restoration of the DNA by a mechanism that involves the exchange, reciprocal or nonreciprocal, of genetic material between the broken DNA molecule and a homologous DNA region." [GOC:vw, PMID:20658649]
synonym: "recombination-dependent interstrand cross-link repair" EXACT [GOC:vw]
is_a: GO:0000725 ! recombinational repair
is_a: GO:0036297 ! interstrand cross-link repair

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