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Category:GO:0019058 ! viral life cycle

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DAG for GO:0019058id: GO:0019058

name: viral life cycle
namespace: biological_process
alt_id: GO:0019067
def: "A set of processes which all viruses follow to ensure survival; includes attachment and entry of the virus particle, decoding of genome information, translation of viral mRNA by host ribosomes, genome replication, and assembly and release of viral particles containing the genome." [ISBN:1555811272]
synonym: "lytic viral life cycle" RELATED []
synonym: "viral assembly, maturation, egress, and release" NARROW [GOC:bf, GOC:jl]
synonym: "viral infectious cycle" RELATED [GOC:bf, GOC:jl]
synonym: "viral replication" RELATED [GOC:bf, GOC:jl]
is_a: GO:0016032 ! viral process


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