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Category:GO:0051880 ! G-quadruplex DNA binding

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DAG for GO:0051880id: GO:0051880

name: G-quadruplex DNA binding
namespace: molecular_function
def: "Binding to G-quadruplex DNA structures, in which groups of four guanines adopt a flat, cyclic Hoogsteen hydrogen-bonding arrangement known as a guanine tetrad. The stacking of guanine tetrads results in G-quadruplex DNA structures. G-quadruplex DNA can form under physiological conditions from some G-rich sequences, such as those found in telomeres, immunoglobulin switch regions, gene promoters, fragile X repeats, and the dimerization domain in the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) genome." [PMID:16142245, PMID:9512530]
synonym: "G quadruplex DNA binding" EXACT [GOC:mah]
synonym: "G quartet binding" BROAD [GOC:mah]
synonym: "G quartet DNA binding" EXACT [GOC:mah]
synonym: "G-DNA binding" EXACT []
synonym: "G-quartet binding" BROAD [GOC:mah]
synonym: "G-quartet DNA binding" EXACT [GOC:mah]
synonym: "quadruplex DNA binding" EXACT []
synonym: "tetraplex DNA binding" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0003677 ! DNA binding

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