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DAG for GO:0006853id: GO:0006853

name: carnitine shuttle
namespace: biological_process
def: "The transfer of acyl groups to and from acyl-CoA molecules to form O-acylcarnitine, which can exchange across the mitochondrial inner membrane with unacylated carnitine." [ISBN:0198547684]
comment: See also the cellular component term 'mitochondrial inner membrane ; GO:0005743'.
xref: Wikipedia:Carnitine#Role_in_fatty_acid_metabolism
is_a: GO:0015909 ! long-chain fatty acid transport
is_a: GO:0032365 ! intracellular lipid transport
is_a: GO:1902001 ! fatty acid transmembrane transport
is_a: GO:1990542 ! mitochondrial transmembrane transport


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