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Category:GO:0015297 ! antiporter activity

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DAG for GO:0015297id: GO:0015297

name: antiporter activity
namespace: molecular_function
alt_id: GO:0015300
alt_id: GO:0099516
def: "Enables the active transport of a solute across a membrane by a mechanism whereby two or more species are transported in opposite directions in a tightly coupled process not directly linked to a form of energy other than chemiosmotic energy. The reaction is: solute A(out) + solute B(in) = solute A(in) + solute B(out)." [GOC:mtg_transport, ISBN:0815340729, PMID:10839820]
synonym: "antiport" RELATED []
synonym: "countertransporter activity" EXACT []
synonym: "exchange transporter activity" EXACT []
synonym: "exchanger" BROAD []
synonym: "ion antiporter activity" NARROW []
synonym: "porter" BROAD []
synonym: "solute:solute antiporter activity" EXACT []
synonym: "solute:solute exchange" RELATED []
is_a: GO:0015291 ! secondary active transmembrane transporter activity

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