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Past semesters of CACAO

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Past Semesters



We ran a pilot competition in the Spring of 2010 with 20 volunteer undergraduates from Texas A&M University.  This was run on our sister site, EcoliWiki.


See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Fall_2010

After the initial test-run and a lot of positive feedback from the students, the competition was set up as a multi-national competition in the Fall of 2010 with the addition of teams from University College London

UCL CACAO team Fall 2010 (l-r) - Ruth Lovering (instructor), Amy Hong (Team UCL1), Coralea Stephanou (Team UCL1), Dipali Patel (Team Firefly), Athina Dritsoula (Team Firefly), Louisa Steel (Team Firefly) & Varsha Khodiyar (instructor)



See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Spring_2011

We completed a second full semester-long competition in Spring 2011 with teams from TAMU, UNT, Miami Univ (Ohio), Penn State & Michigan State using GONUTS


See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Fall_2011

We finished the Fall 2011 competition that had students from TAMU, North Dakota State, Hofstra, Swarthmore, Houston Baptist, Mississippi State, Wisconsin, Wisconsin-Parkside and University College, London.  A team from UCL won the competition with teams from TAMU & Hofstra close behind.



See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Spring_2012

The University of Central Florida has entered a bacterial genetics class of 54 students. Texas A&M, U. of North Texas, U. of Wisconsin-Parkside, North Dakota State and Michigan State are competing again this semester with UWP entering 2 courses. In all, there are more than 150 students competing this semester. They are under the careful supervision of a group of CACAO biocurators from Texas A&M consisting of either undergrads who have already completed CACAO at least once or grad students. We refer to these students as "CACAO II" and they are helping to make CACAO easier to scale up.

For the scoreboard, calendar, team listing, and other specific information, see the Spring 2012 page.


See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Fall_2012

For the Fall 2012 open competition scoreboard, see the Fall 2012 page.



  • Schools in the competition this semester include Centenary, Harvard, John Brown, Michigan State, Minnesota State - Moorhead, North Dakota State, Suffolk and Texas A&M.
See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Spring_2013


  • UC-Davis vs. Stanford


  • Texas A&M, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Fall_2013



  • Centenary College, Michigan State University, Minnesota State University - Morehead, North Dakota State University and Texas A&M University.
See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Spring_2014


  • Texas A&M University and University of Wisconsin- Parkside.
See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Fall_2014



  • Schools competing included Centenary College of Louisiana, Suffolk University, and Texas A&M University.
See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Spring_2015


  • The schools in this competition were Texas A&M and Penn State.
See the main article at: Category:CACAO_Fall_2015