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Category:CACAO UW Fall 2012

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Inning/Round Period Start - End (CST)
( UW-Madison )
1 Annotation Sept. 24, 6:00pm - Oct. 12, 11:59am
1 Challenge Oct. 12, 12:00pm - Oct 15, 1:59am
2 Annotation Oct 15, 2:00am - Nov 2, 11:59am
2 Challenge Nov 2, 12:00pm - Nov. 3, 11:59am

CACAO Materials

The following links/documents are accessible to all registered users, but for simplicity the information most often needed by students is listed first:

Student Materials

Instructor Materials

CACAO UWisc Fall 2012

  • Need a suggestion of a protein to annotate? Look here
  • Confused as to what is required in the notes? This page has pretty good examples
    • As well as the SPECIFIC figure, which is required, it is wise but not required to include a concise summary of the experiment & mention the assay, strain, and anything else pertinent
  • Here's a list of the evidence codes that CACAO students may use:
  1. IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay
  2. IMP: Inferred from Mutant Phenotype
  3. IGI: Inferred from Genetic Interaction - requires with/from field to be filled in
  4. ISO: Inferred from Sequence Orthology - requires with/from field to be filled in
  5. ISA: Inferred from Sequence Alignment - requires with/from field to be filled in
  6. ISM: Inferred from Sequence Model - requires with/from field to be filled in
  7. IGC: Inferred from Genomic Context
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