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It is now the 2nd CHALLENGE Period for CACAO Spring 2020! It will end on Sunday February 23, 2020 at 11:59 pm CST
This is your chance to challenge other team's annotations. You may also DEFEND or suggest improvements to your own annotations IF they have been challenged. Please note, although we ENCOURAGE challenges, an excess of identical challenges that do not appear to be applicable to the annotation or well thought out will be considered spam and ignored.
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Category:CACAO UW Fall 2012

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Inning/Round Period Start - End (CST)
( UW-Madison )
1 Annotation Sept. 24, 6:00pm - Oct. 12, 11:59am
1 Challenge Oct. 12, 12:00pm - Oct 15, 1:59am
2 Annotation Oct 15, 2:00am - Nov 2, 11:59am
2 Challenge Nov 2, 12:00pm - Nov. 3, 11:59am

CACAO Materials

The following links/documents are accessible to all registered users, but for simplicity the information most often needed by students is listed first:

Student Materials

Instructor Materials

CACAO UWisc Fall 2012

  • Need a suggestion of a protein to annotate? Look here
  • Confused as to what is required in the notes? This page has pretty good examples
    • As well as the SPECIFIC figure, which is required, it is wise but not required to include a concise summary of the experiment & mention the assay, strain, and anything else pertinent
  • Here's a list of the evidence codes that CACAO students may use:
  1. IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay
  2. IMP: Inferred from Mutant Phenotype
  3. IGI: Inferred from Genetic Interaction - requires with/from field to be filled in
  4. ISO: Inferred from Sequence Orthology - requires with/from field to be filled in
  5. ISA: Inferred from Sequence Alignment - requires with/from field to be filled in
  6. ISM: Inferred from Sequence Model - requires with/from field to be filled in
  7. IGC: Inferred from Genomic Context
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