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UCL CACAO team Fall 2010 (l-r) - Ruth Lovering (instructor), Amy Hong (Team UCL1), Coralea Stephanou (Team UCL1), Dipali Patel (Team Firefly), Athina Dritsoula (Team Firefly), Louisa Steel (Team Firefly) & Varsha Khodiyar (instructor)

Multi-Institutional & Multi-National Competition

  • Fall 2010 - 6 teams from Texas A&M and 2 teams from University College London
  • All teams participated in 4 rounds over the course of the semester

Course Design & Syllabus

  • The syllabus for the Fall 2010 semester can be accessed here

Annotations on GONUTS

  • We operated the Fall 2010 competition on GONUTS and gave students the opportunity to annotate literature on any protein that has a UniProt record


Icon archive box.png The data for this semester of CACAO has been archived — please see the Archived Cacao semesters page for more details and downloads of the data.


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