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Category:GO:0004972 ! NMDA glutamate receptor activity

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DAG for GO:0004972id: GO:0004972

name: NMDA glutamate receptor activity
namespace: molecular_function
def: "An cation channel that opens in response to binding by extracellular glutmate, but only if glycine is also bound and the membrane is depolarized. Voltage gating is indirect, due to ejection of bound magnesium from the pore at permissive voltages." [GOC:mah, PMID:10049997]
comment: The name of this receptor comes from its selective activation by N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA). Note that this term represents an activity and not a gene product.
synonym: "N-methyl-D-aspartate selective glutamate receptor activity" EXACT []
synonym: "NMDA receptor" EXACT []
xref: Wikipedia:NMDA_receptor
is_a: GO:0004970 ! ionotropic glutamate receptor activity
is_a: GO:0022843 ! voltage-gated cation channel activity
is_a: GO:0099094 ! ligand-gated cation channel activity

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