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Category:GO:0004565 ! beta-galactosidase activity

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DAG for GO:0004565id: GO:0004565

name: beta-galactosidase activity
namespace: molecular_function
def: "Catalysis of the hydrolysis of terminal, non-reducing beta-D-galactose residues in beta-D-galactosides." [EC:]
comment: Note that the inclusion of 'MetaCyc:BGALACT-PWY' is exceptional: normally MetaCyc pathway entries are database references for biological process terms, not molecular function terms. An exception was made in this case because the MetaCyc entry 'BGALACT-PWY' describes only one reaction, that catalyzed by beta-galactosidase.
subset: gosubset_prok
synonym: "beta-D-galactanase activity" EXACT [EC:]
synonym: "beta-D-galactoside galactohydrolase activity" EXACT [EC:]
synonym: "beta-D-lactosidase activity" EXACT [EC:]
synonym: "beta-lactosidase activity" EXACT [EC:]
synonym: "exo-(1->4)-beta-D-galactanase activity" EXACT [EC:]
synonym: "hydrolact" RELATED [EC:]
synonym: "lactose hydrolysis" RELATED []
synonym: "lactozym" RELATED [EC:]
synonym: "maxilact" RELATED [EC:]
synonym: "oryzatym" RELATED [EC:]
synonym: "S 2107" RELATED [EC:]
synonym: "sumiklat" RELATED [EC:]
synonym: "trilactase activity" EXACT [EC:]
xref: EC:
xref: MetaCyc:
xref: MetaCyc:BGALACT-PWY
is_a: GO:0015925 ! galactosidase activity


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