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Category:Team The Lysogenizers

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StatusPageUserDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
requireschangesBPB03:HOLINKhellfa, Team The Lysogenizers2017-04-05 10:52:47 CDTGO:0044659 cytolysis by virus of host cell (P)GO_REF:0000100ISA with/from UniProtKB:P11188

Holin from phage B103 is similar in sequence to phage phi29, with a query coverage of 100%, and an e-value of 8e^(-69), and an identity of 74%. The total score is 212.

flaggedBPPRD:HOLINCulpepperr, Team The Lysogenizers2017-04-12 11:14:20 CDTGO:0019835 cytolysis (P)PMID:12813073IMP

Figure 3a. shows Phage PRD1 sus715 amber mutant shows loss of cytolysis phenotype is restored with bacteriophage lambda gene S105. The filled circle line shows sus715 mutant without induction - showing the lack of lysis with the mutant. The filled square shows the sus715 mutant in the presence of lambda holin induced with the addition of a sugar IPTG, and cytolysis is restored. The filled triangle shows the wild type phage and how they would expect the gene to respond without a mutation.

flaggedECOLI:CH10Culpepperr, Team The Lysogenizers2017-04-26 09:22:10 CDTGO:0019835 cytolysis (P)PMID:16030234IMP

Figure 4 shows E. coli with mutations to groES that impact the ability of phage PRD1 to lyse the host bacteria. Temperature sensitive mutants, closed triangle, groES mutant DW719(pLM2), lost cytolysis at 40 degrees. The wt closed circle wt strain DW720(pLM2), does not lose cytolysis at 40 degrees. This shows loss of cytolysis when the temperature is raised with this gene and the normal lysis in the wt as control.

flaggedLAMBD:HOLINAdhikaris9, Team The Lysogenizers2017-04-26 10:02:38 CDTGO:0020002 host cell plasma membrane (C)PMID:11018145IMP

Figure 1: Lysis requires the genes S and R. R codes for endolysin. S codes for the holin and holin inhibitor (genes 105 and 107) in Lambda. Lambda phages were mutated to be either without the holin gene (S), and with the endolysin (R) gene (or vice versa) or with both holin and endolysin gene. And as seen in the image, the lambda phages without the S gene did not lyse. However, the lambda phages with out R did lyse, at about 60 minuets. And the Lambda phage with both lysed at 40 minuets, which was the quickest lyse without the help of methyl trichloride. This suggests that endolysin is not required for lysis but involved in cleaving the bonds in the peptidoglycan.

flaggedBPSPP:HOL24Yonasm, Team The Lysogenizers2017-04-26 10:08:32 CDTGO:0033644 host cell membrane (C)PMID:27825035IMP

Figure 3C illustrates the alignment of nucleotide sequence of the early promoters PE1, PE2,and PE3 in comparison to that of PE5 in the SPP1 genome sequence. As the cell grows the B.subtilis in seen to not have an effect on its growth. The occurrence of holin had little effect on the development of the cell.

flaggedBACTK:A0A0F6FLB7Leathaj, Team The Lysogenizers2017-04-28 12:39:50 CDTGO:0006281 DNA repair (P)PMID:6461657IDA

Figue 2 shows recA cleavage of lambda repressor fragment alpha. This figure provides evidence for DNA cleavage of a lambda repressor fragment. Lanes 1 and 2 show that with the absence of ATP-gamma-S or single stranded polynucleotides fragmentation does not occur. Lane 3 demonstrates the cleavage of fragment a by recA protein.


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