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Category:MichSt14A 32

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StatusPageUserDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
requireschangesHUMAN:AKT1Egbertr1, MichSt14A 322014-04-06 17:50:30 CDTGO:0043154 negative regulation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic process (P)PMID:24601882ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 1C shows a constitutively active Akt1 decreases caspase3 compared to the WT control

unacceptableHUMAN:JAK1Egbertr1, MichSt14A 322014-04-06 16:56:15 CDTGO:0060337 type I interferon signaling pathway (P)PMID:24665409ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 5 shows that JAK is a critical component IFNγ/TNFα-induced signaling cascade

unacceptableHUMAN:JMJD6Egbertr1, MichSt14A 322014-04-06 15:50:17 CDTGO:0070815 peptidyl-lysine 5-dioxygenase activity (F)PMID:24667498ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 2 shows the hydroxylase activity on the tumor suppressor p53 at lysine 382

updatedbyinstructorHUMAN:MCPH1Egbertr1, MichSt14A 322014-04-06 13:45:41 CDTGO:0071850 mitotic cell cycle arrest (P)PMID:24633962ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 5: Shows that cells with overexpression of MCPH1 protein induces S phase cell cycle arrest


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