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Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)

UNC93_CAEEL:unc-93, C46F11.1: Putative potassium channel regulatory protein unc-93
Protein:UNC93_CAEEL on WormBase

GO terms

GO:0005515_!_protein_binding (F) IPI with/from UniProtKB:O45904 [1]
GO:0005887_!_integral_to_plasma_membrane (C) NAS [2]
GO:0006937_!_regulation_of_muscle_contraction (P) IMP [3]
GO:0015459_!_potassium_channel_regulator_activity (F) IGI with/from UniProtKB:O17185 [2]
GO:0043266_!_regulation_of_potassium_ion_transport (P) IGI with/from UniProtKB:O17185 [2]

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