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This template is used with subst: call to create a new CACAO competition. You may need to save it twice to get the schedule table to appear.

the intercollegiate annotation competition!
The Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies (CACAO) is a competition for teams of undergrads around the world to improve the functional annotation of genes. CACAO was developed and is currently run at Texas A&M University, along with many other institutions. If you are interested in participating, please email us - ecoliwiki@gmail.com.


Cacao could not find a matching session in the list of global sessions. (This may be an older session of Cacao that is not currently running.) Please check with the administrator.

Calendar of Rounds


CACAO page

  • Don't forget - no binding terms (i.e. DNA binding, etc) & no response to terms (i.e. response to heat, etc)

Quick Links

Look through the helpful handouts for students shown above. This includes printable documents.
  • For more help on evidence codes

Participating schools

Lecture Material

More background info can be found on the About CACAO page.

Virus-related GO terms

  • For those of you interested in annotating proteins from viruses and phages: