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StatusPageUserDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
unacceptableSTAEP:D4FNI2Bakerk27, MichSt14A 22014-04-06 10:14:25 CDTGO:0008963 phospho-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide-transferase activity (F)PMID:21051486ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 3.A Shows the impact of tagO mutants (TagO1, tagO deleted mutants) on the autolytic activity of the cells due to a weaken cell wall . The TagO1 mutants are shown to have a higher percentage of lysis against the wild-type CSF41498 cells. This shows an impact on the synthesis of the cell wall’s integrity as a result of the deletion of the tagO gene.

unacceptableBACSU:CLPEBakerk27, MichSt14A 22014-04-06 09:17:48 CDTGO:0006950 response to stress (P)PMID:10320580ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 2. Shows the changes of optical densities over time for ClpE containing cells; the ClpE genes were transcriptionally fused to either the lacZ or bgaB to measure beta-galactosidase activity. These cells underwent a puromycin treatment to emulate heat shock at time 0 hours. The results show higher expression of ClpE during puromycin treatment.

unacceptableSTRPB:Q1JBK0Bakerk27, MichSt14A 22014-04-05 15:08:59 CDTGO:0000160 phosphorelay signal transduction system (Figure 4.A-C Shows hydrogen peroxide assays of wild-type spy1236 (CiaH) containing cells as well as cells with deleted spy1236 genes. The assay pertains to the cells ability to withstand oxidative damage using hydrogen peroxide treatments,as it is testing spy1236 role in oxidative stress response. Overall, whenever the cell contained the knockout spy1326 gene, there was a lower survivability.)PMID:24673808IMP: Inferred from Mutant Phenotype
acceptableDEIRA:Q9RUJ1Bakerk27, MichSt14A 22014-04-05 10:38:47 CDTGO:0008299 isoprenoid biosynthetic process (P)PMID:24151908ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 3. Shows the absorbance of E.coli cotransformed with plasmids carrying wild-type (BI-95) or mutant dr932 genes; absorbance indicates the production of the red carotenoid. The results show that plasmids containing mutant dr932 genes do not produce the carotenoid but the wildtype BI-95 does.

acceptablePSEA7:A6V0U7Bakerk27, MichSt14A 22014-04-05 10:19:05 CDTGO:0006351 transcription, DNA-templated (P)PMID:18051604ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 4. Shows a polyacrylamide gel of a iscR mutant to test for catalase (KatA) activity. The gel shows a decreased KatA and SodB levels during growth phases, linking iscR to transcriptional regulation of antioxidant enzymes.


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