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Category:GO:0034464 ! BBSome

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DAG for GO:0034464id: GO:0034464

name: BBSome
namespace: cellular_component
def: "A ciliary protein complex involved in cilium biogenesis. It consists of at least seven Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) proteins and BBIP10. It moves in association with IFT trains through cilia (likely as an IFT-A/B adaptor or cargo), and is required for the integrity of IFT-A and IFT-B." [GOC:BHF, GOC:cilia, PMID:15231740, PMID:17574030, PMID:26498262]
synonym: "Bardet-Biedl syndrome complex" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0032991 ! protein-containing complex
relationship: part_of: GO:0005929 ! cilium

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