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Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast)

CDC54:Essential helicase component of heterohexameric MCM2-7 complexes which bind pre-replication complexes on DNA and melt the DNA prior to replication
Synonyms:YPR019W, HCD21, MCM4
CDC54 on SGD

GO terms

GO:0003682_!_chromatin_binding (F) TAS [1]
GO:0004003_!_ATP-dependent_DNA_helicase_activity (F) TAS [2]
GO:0005634_!_nucleus (C) IDA [3]
GO:0005656_!_pre-replicative_complex (C) IDA [4]
GO:0005737_!_cytoplasm (C) IDA [3]
GO:0005737_!_cytoplasm (C) TAS [1]
GO:0006267_!_pre-replicative_complex_assembly (P) IPI [4]
GO:0006268_!_DNA_unwinding (P) TAS [2]
GO:0006270_!_DNA_replication_initiation (P) TAS [1]
GO:0042555_!_MCM_complex (C) IDA [5]

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