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Category:Team Red-B

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StatusPageUserDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
acceptableBPHK0:VNUNZhm1, Team Red-B2017-04-06 22:50:49 CDTGO:0006353 DNA-templated transcription, termination (P)PMID:7714899IDA

Figure 2 - In an in vitro system with RNA polymerase and the nun protein, increasing concentration of nun correlated with increasing amounts of relatively shorter RNA transcripts.

(Data not shown) - Adding the nun protein after completion of transcription did not shorten RNA transcripts. Thus, its unlikely nun acts by cleaving or processing RNA transcripts. Figure 3A - Without nun, RNA polymerase transcription would only pause at certain lengths of RNA, before resuming activity again. However in presence of nun, transcription would completely be completely blocked without resuming again once these similar length RNA transcripts were reached. Both with and without nun, similar length RNA transcripts would appear at similar times. Figure 3B - Next, the authors separated the the RNA transcript products onto a gel. They found that the sites that nun acted on and the sites where RNA polymerase paused were either identical or extremely close in proximity. All these results taken into consideration suggest nun arrests transcription by directly acting at RNA polymerase pause sites.

updatedbyinstructor9CAUD:Q9MCC8Tewell1, Team Red-B2017-04-07 18:27:20 CDTGO:0044659 cytolysis by virus of host cell (P)PMID:26694451IDA

Fig 2.

Shows specific activity of lysA2's lytic ability across range of Lactobacillus. Fig 3. Shows zone of clearance on plate and graph showing lytic rate as decrease in OD600

updatedbyinstructor9CAUD:U5PXE3Zhm1, Team Red-B2017-04-12 09:12:18 CDTGO:0006352 DNA-templated transcription, initiation (P)other:GO_REF:0000100ISS with/from UniProtKB:P37978

HHpred top two matches as: RNA polymerase sigma factor CnrH (P37978) from Cupriavidus metallidurans - probability: 99.77 e-value: 1.1E-20 score: 139.19 Query coverage: 27-211 (out of 1-211). This protein has a previous annotation for DNA template transcription initiation shown through IDA. There were many Blastp matches with 100% or near 100% query coverage and low e-values to purported putative sigma factors on recently annotated phages.

PMID:16158236 - showing function for CnrH from Cupriavidus metallidurans

A sigma factor's likely role in a phage is to modulate gene expression to its own promoters, while downregulating transcription of host genes.

updatedbyinstructor9CAUD:G0YV93Tewell1, Team Red-B2017-04-16 18:58:58 CDTGO:0034061 DNA polymerase activity (F)PMID:27052734IDA

Fig 6. Authors used a primer extension assay to show extension of a 27-mer primer to 62-mer DNA fragment over 1 minute using different concentrations of GP90 yielding 98% conversion with 20 nM of GP90.

unacceptable9CAUD:U3PJ04Ppate1, Team Red-B2017-05-07 10:04:17 CDTGO:0006553 lysine metabolic process (P)PMID:26621799IDA

Figure 2. showcases the lytic activity of Phage LysdB against Streptococcus Aureus strains. Shows that LysdB is effective in eliciting a lytic response in Streptococcus Aureus and is a great deterrent of its growth. The figure also shows that lytic activity is temperature and pH dependent. Figure 5. shows that Lysdb was able to significantly decrease S. Aureus numbers in raw milk model and further proves its effectiveness as an antibacterial agent.


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