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StatusPageUserDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
unacceptableARATH:Q8LE89Pierluis, MichSt14A 432014-04-05 18:49:28 CDTGO:0009704 de-etiolation (P)PMID:24569844ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

VQ29 is shown to be a repressor of de-etiolation in Figure 2. Mutants overexpressing VQ29 showed reduced sensitivity to far-red and low light conditions, showing that in these conditions, VQ29 may have been inhibiting de-etiolation processes. This observation is further solidified in Figure 2D.

unacceptableARATH:Q8LE89Pierluis, MichSt14A 432014-04-05 18:33:42 CDTGO:0003712 transcription cofactor activity (F)PMID:24569844ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 1 illustrates that members of the VQ family, in this study particularly, VQ29, have transcriptional activity according to the results of a heterologous gene reporter system protocol.

updatedbyinstructorXENLA:R4JU55Pierluis, MichSt14A 432014-04-03 08:04:58 CDTGO:0051017 actin filament bundle assembly (P)PMID:23727888ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 2D shows F-actin interacting with NabKin, resulting in bundling of the F-actin. Compare this image to the control image and you will see that there is a substantially larger amount of bundling in the presence of NabKin

updatedbyinstructorDANRE:S4TLP4Pierluis, MichSt14A 432014-04-01 14:54:19 CDTGO:0001077 RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity involved in positive regulation of transcription (F)PMID:24155663ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 6A shows that in mutants who express the Znf219-Like protein, activity at the promotor of the col2a1 gene is substantially increased when compared to the wild-type control.

acceptableMESMA:YAPierluis, MichSt14A 432014-04-01 11:49:08 CDTGO:0001515 opioid peptide activity (F)PMID:3392217ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 1 shows that BmK-YA interacts with the three subunits of opioid receptors, with preference to the δ- unit, as seen in Figue 1B.


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