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Category:GO:0000386 ! second spliceosomal transesterification activity

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DAG for GO:0000386id: GO:0000386

name: second spliceosomal transesterification activity
namespace: molecular_function
def: "Catalysis of the second transesterification reaction of spliceosomal mRNA splicing. Ligation of the two exons occurs via a transesterification reaction where the free 3'-hydroxyl group of the 5' exon is the nucleophile attacking the 3' splice site. Non-expressed sequences are now detached from the exons. In cis splicing, the intron is in a lariat structure." [GOC:krc, ISBN:0879695897]
synonym: "3'-splice site cleavage, exon ligation" BROAD []
synonym: "lariat formation, 5'-splice site cleavage" RELATED []
is_a: GO:0140098 ! catalytic activity, acting on RNA
relationship: part_of: GO:0000375 ! RNA splicing, via transesterification reactions


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