It is now the 5th OPEN Period for CACAO Fall 2017! It will end on Sunday November 19, 2017 at 11:59 pm CST
This is your chance to make annotations OR challenge other team's annotations. You may also DEFEND or suggest improvements to your own annotations IF they have been challenged. Please note, although we ENCOURAGE challenges, an excess of identical challenges that do not appear to be applicable to the annotation or well thought out will be considered spam and ignored.

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UW CACAO competition

  • Here's a list of the evidence codes that CACAO students may use:
  1. IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay
  2. IMP: Inferred from Mutant Phenotype
  3. IGI: Inferred from Genetic Interaction - requires with/from field to be filled in
  4. IEP: Inferred from Expression Pattern
  5. ISO: Inferred from Sequence Orthology - requires with/from field to be filled in
  6. ISA: Inferred from Sequence Alignment - requires with/from field to be filled in
  7. ISM: Inferred from Sequence Model - requires with/from field to be filled in
  8. IGC: Inferred from Genomic Context

The Setup

  • we will be running 1 round
    • Annotation period = Monday Nov 28th until 11:59pm Sunday Dec 11th
    • Challenge period = 12:01am Monday Dec 12th until 11:59pm Friday Dec 16th
  • CACAO rules

Powerpoint Presentations

Quick Guide (see rules document for all rules)

  • Rules for the competition can be accessed here:
Rules for CACAO Fall 2011
  • important rules to follow (see document above!!!):
  1. annotations must be complete and accurate to get points (at a minimum - GO term, evidence term, reference & brief description of evidence; possibly with/from field and/or qualifier)
  2. only 8 evidence codes are permitted, 4 of which require the with/from field to be filled in correctly (see section below)
  3. no annotations to binding terms will be accepted -- these require the IPI evidence code, which is NOT allowed in CACAO
  4. qualifiers must be used correctly - see using qualifiers
  5. no high throughput papers - email Brenley if you're still not sure after you've checked the rules document (see link to doc above)
  6. your reference must be to a peer-reviewed scientific paper. No reviews, no class notes, no hypothetical modeling papers, etc.
  7. your evidence for the Notes section must be to a figure with the experimental or computational evidence in it, not a model or summary figure.
  8. any team member can refine/challenge any annotation from another team & do so more than once. The more complex the refinements, the more points at stake!


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