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Species (Taxon ID) Bacillus phage TsarBomba. (1690456)
Gene Name(s) No Information Provided.
Protein Name(s) ParM (ECO:0000313 with EMBL:ALA13225.1)
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UniProt A0A0K2D0E3
EMBL KT224359
RefSeq YP_009207007.1
GeneID 26633455


Qualifier GO ID GO term name Reference ECO ID ECO term name with/from Aspect Extension Notes Status

plasmid partitioning



PMID:25344242[1] UniProtKB:A0A075M4S3 UniProtKB:A0A0A0PJ25 UniProtKB:A0A0A0PKY3 UniProtKB:S5Y097 UniProtKB:U5PVU6 UniProtKB:U5PXI1


BLASTP result indicates that the protein encoded by TSARBOMBA_192 is a homolog of ParM protein, the plasmid segregation actin-like motor protein in Bacteria (PMID:12065424[2], PMID:20844556[3]), of Bacillus phage Troll orf220 (S5Y097) and Bacillus phage Riley orf215 (A0A075M4S3) with 95% Quer cover, 63% identity with e-value of 6e-166.

Several other closely related Bacillus phages were also found to contain genes that encode for plasmid segregation protein as shown on phylogeny tree based on the amino acid sequences in Figure 7A (PMID:25344242[1]). Examples of these include Plasmid segregation protein coded by Bacillus phage Spock orf209 (U5PXI1), Bacillus phage BigBertha orf214 (U5PVU6), and Putative plasmid segregation proteins coded by Bacillus phage Bp8p-T orf27 (A0A0A0PJ25), Bacillus phage Bp8p-C orf27 (A0A0A0PKY3).

CACAO 11440



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