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Danio rerio (zebrafish)

atp2b3:ATPase, Ca++ transporting, plasma membrane 3
atp2b3 on ZFIN

GO terms

GO:0000166_!_nucleotide_binding (F) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0547 [1]
GO:0005388_!_calcium-transporting_ATPase_activity (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR006408 [2]
GO:0005509_!_calcium_ion_binding (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR006408 [2]
GO:0005524_!_ATP_binding (F) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0067 [1]
GO:0005524_!_ATP_binding (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001757 [2]
GO:0005524_!_ATP_binding (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR006408 [2]
GO:0005524_!_ATP_binding (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR008250 [2]
GO:0005579_!_membrane_attack_complex (C) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0473 [1]
GO:0006810_!_transport (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001757 [2]
GO:0006812_!_cation_transport (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR004014 [2]
GO:0006816_!_calcium_ion_transport (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR006408 [2]
GO:0015085_!_calcium_ion_transmembrane_transporter_activity (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR006408 [2]
GO:0015662_!_ATPase_activity,_coupled_to_transmembrane_movement_of_ions,_phosphorylative_mechanism (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001757 [2]
GO:0015662_!_ATPase_activity,_coupled_to_transmembrane_movement_of_ions,_phosphorylative_mechanism (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR004014 [2]
GO:0016020_!_membrane (C) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0472 [1]
GO:0016020_!_membrane (C) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001757 [2]
GO:0016020_!_membrane (C) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR004014 [2]
GO:0016020_!_membrane (C) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR006408 [2]
GO:0016020_!_membrane (C) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR008250 [2]
GO:0016021_!_integral_to_membrane (C) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0812 [1]
GO:0016787_!_hydrolase_activity (F) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0378 [1]
GO:0016820_!_hydrolase_activity,_acting_on_acid_anhydrides,_catalyzing_transmembrane_movement_of_substances (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR008250 [2]

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