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Danio rerio (zebrafish)

arrb2:arrestin, beta 2
arrb2 on ZFIN

GO terms

GO:0003674_!_molecular_function (F) ND [1]
GO:0005575_!_cellular_component (C) ND [1]
GO:0007165_!_signal_transduction (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR000698 [2]
GO:0007165_!_signal_transduction (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR014752 [2]
GO:0007165_!_signal_transduction (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR014753 [2]
GO:0007517_!_muscle_development (P) IMP [3]
GO:0007600_!_sensory_perception (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR000698 [2]
GO:0007600_!_sensory_perception (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR014752 [2]
GO:0007600_!_sensory_perception (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR014753 [2]
GO:0008589_!_regulation_of_smoothened_signaling_pathway (P) IMP with/from ZFIN:ZDB-MRPHLNO-050124-2 [3]

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