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Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)

Gene:apt-10 on WormBase

GO terms

GO:0005515_!_protein_binding (F) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR008968 [1]
GO:0006461_!_protein_complex_assembly (P) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR008968 [1]
GO:0006886_!_intracellular_protein_transport (P) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR008968 [1]
GO:0006897_!_endocytosis (P) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR012320 [1]
GO:0008565_!_protein_transporter_activity (F) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR008968 [1]
GO:0009792_!_embryonic_development_ending_in_birth_or_egg_hatching (P) IMP with/from WB:WBRNAi00063002 WB:WBPhenotype0000050 [2]
GO:0016192_!_vesicle-mediated_transport (P) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR008968 [1]
GO:0030131_!_clathrin_adaptor_complex (C) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR008968 [1]

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