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CACAO Phage Hunters 2018

My Annotations

StatusPageDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
acceptable9CALI:Q2NNN52018-03-30 22:30:12 CDTGO:0019028 viral capsid (C)PMID:29566061ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

The Mass Spectroscopy results in Figure 6 and the accompanying table 3 show evidence of 9CALI:Q2NNN5 as a viral capsid protein. When the FCV was exposed to CAP the mass spec analysis resulted in several unique peaks for the capsid protien (Met+16). This was identified to be an oxygenation of several of the methionine groups. When this is taken with the evidence of CAP disintegrating capsid proteins shown by RT-PCR in figure 4 it indicates that 9CALI:Q2NNN5 protein is the capsid protein.



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