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Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress)

Q9M1S8:Probable glutamate carboxypeptidase 2
Synonyms:AMP1, At3g54720, T5N23_80, IPI00537381, GCP2_ARATH
Q9M1S8 on TAIR

GO terms

GO:0004181_!_metallocarboxypeptidase_activity (F) IMP [1]
GO:0006508_!_proteolysis (P) IMP [1]
GO:0010080_!_regulation_of_floral_meristem_growth (P) IMP [1]
GO:0010081_!_regulation_of_inflorescence_meristem_growth (P) IMP [1]
GO:0010082_!_regulation_of_root_meristem_growth (P) IMP [1]
GO:0016021_!_integral_to_membrane (C) NAS [1]

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