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GO:0007165signal transductionPMID:12435673IEA: Inferred from Electronic Annotation InterPro: IPR:003661 P
This annotation made on page: STRMG:Q8VUG9
By: Ariana.brovarenko (group Team Honey Badgers) on 2012-10-21 10:25:57 CDT.

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Team Smarter Who?
2012-10-21 18:17:02 CDT

Additionally, figure 1 doesn't provide evidence that mbrD is involved in signal transduction. It is showing that strain XcB2, which is a mbrD mutant, is more sensitive to bacitracin. This might support a better GO term GO:0046677 ! response to antibiotic.

Team Smarter Who?
2012-10-21 18:00:36 CDT

IEA is not an acceptable evidence code.

Bmcintosh2012-10-22 15:12:26 CDTYou need to be an instructor to view these notes.Unacceptable