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GO:0008083growth factor activityPMID:8330535IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay F
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By: Nique000 (group Team Cancer Dancers) on 2012-02-12 14:02:12 CST.

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Team Francois Jacob
2012-04-16 11:25:49 CDT

Comparison of the intensities of fluorescence during these stages indicates that levels of activin protein are highest in the fertilized egg and decrease at the 2- and 4-cell stages. By the early morula stage (8-cells), however, activin protein levels rise again, reaching a peak at the compacted morula stage as shown in Fig. 8. Figure 8 would be more fitting to show the growth factor activity, the evidence code should be IDA if figure 8 is used. Figure 6 shows ativins are expressed during preimplantation development and the evidence code IEP should be used instead.

Team Neuropathy
2012-03-02 16:14:09 CST

Evidence code should be IEP because the figure illustrates expression of activins in figure 6

Team Big Mama 50000
2012-02-14 19:17:44 CST

I believe the Go term name is incorrect. Inhibin down regulates FSH synthesis and inhibits FSH secretion. Inhibin actually contained lower levels than Activin. I also believe this paper could be annotated using Activin. Figure-11 shows this.

Suzialeksander2012-02-17 16:09:28 CSTYou need to be an instructor to view these notes.Unacceptable
Suzialeksander2012-02-17 15:55:04 CSTYou need to be an instructor to view these notes.Requires Changes