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Category:Team Cyborg

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StatusPageUserDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
flaggedBPPH2:HOLINSoyarsc, Team Cyborg2017-04-19 09:12:42 CDTGO:0019835 cytolysis (P)PMID:8432697IDA

Organism: Bacillus subtilis-infecting phage Phi-29

Protein name in paper: 'Gene-14'

Table 1. Transformation of E. Coli with phi-29 gene-14 carrying plasmid resulted in cell death as compared to cell population growth without the plasmid. Results were measured with optical density.

BPPH2:HOLINRaynorj, Team Cyborg2017-04-19 09:12:42 CDTGO:0033644 host cell membrane (C)PMID:8432697IDA

Organism: Bacillus subtilis phage Phi-29

Protein name in paper: 'Gene-14'

Fig 2. Analysis of membrane and cytoplasmic/periplasmic fractions with gel electrophoresis revealed presence of protein of gene 14 in membrane fractions but not cytoplasmic/periplasmic fractions. Its presence in the membrane suggests that it's a membrane-bound protein.

BPP22:CAPSDRaymondto, Team Cyborg2017-04-26 09:53:53 CDTGO:0019070 viral genome maturation (P)PMID:4773026IMP

Figure 2. In the first graph, which shows the levels of labeled DNA from Intermediate I (the DNA replication complex), the 5- mutant's Intermediate I radioactivity level is 23%. Comparatively, the wild type radioactivity is 4% in the Intermediate I at the same time mark. In the second graph, which shows the radioactivity in the mature DNA region, the radioactivity from the 5- mutant's mature DNA region is 33%. Comparatively, the wild type phage's mature DNA region radioactivity level is 85%.


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