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Category:GO:1990733 ! titin-telethonin complex

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DAG for GO:1990733id: GO:1990733

name: titin-telethonin complex
namespace: cellular_component
def: "A protein complex formed between the N-terminus of the giant sarcomeric filament protein titin and the Z-disk ligand, telethonin. The complex is part of the Z-disk of the skeletal and cardiac sarcomere. Telethonin binding to titin might be essential for the initial assembly, stabilization and functional integrity of the titin filament, and hence important for muscle contraction relaxation in mature myofibrils." [GOC:ame, PMID:16407954]
comment: An example of this are TTN and TCAP in human (UniProt symbols Q8WZ42 and O15273 respectively) in PMID:16407954 (inferred from direct assay).
synonym: "Titin-Tcap complex" RELATED []
is_a: GO:0032991 ! protein-containing complex
relationship: part_of: GO:0030018 ! Z disc

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