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Category:GO:1990565 ! HSP90-CDC37 chaperone complex

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DAG for GO:1990565id: GO:1990565

name: HSP90-CDC37 chaperone complex
namespace: cellular_component
def: "A protein kinase chaperone complex required for the proper folding, maturation and stabilization of target proteins (mostly signalling protein kinases, some steroid hormone receptors), usually during or immediately after completion of translation. The highly conserved, phosphorylated CDC37-Ser13 (vertebrates) or cdc37-Ser14 (yeast) is essential for complex assembly and target protein binding. CDC37-Ser13 (Ser14) is phosphorylated by Casein kinase II (CK2), which in turn is a target of CDC37 creating a positive feedback loop. Complex binding also prevents rapid ubiquitin-dependent proteosomal degradation of target proteins." [GOC:bhm, GOC:pad, GOC:PARL, PMID:21855797, PMID:22939624]
comment: An example of this is HSP90AB1 in human (UniProt symbol P08238) in PMID:21855797 (inferred from direct assay).
is_a: GO:0101031 ! chaperone complex
relationship: part_of: GO:0005737 ! cytoplasm

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