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Category:GO:1990303 ! UBR1-RAD6 ubiquitin ligase complex

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DAG for GO:1990303id: GO:1990303

name: UBR1-RAD6 ubiquitin ligase complex
namespace: cellular_component
def: "A ubiquitin ligase complex consisting of UBR1 and RAD6 components. It polyubiquitinates proteins containing non-acetylated N-terminal residues causing their subsequent degradation by the proteasome as part of the Ac/N-End Rule pathway. It recognizes non-acetylated N-terminal methionine if it is followed by a hydrophobic residue. Additionally, it acts in an N-end rule independent manner as a component of a novel quality control pathway for proteins synthesized on cytosolic ribosomes." [GOC:bhm, PMID:19531475]
comment: This complex has been identified in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (P19812) - see PMID:19531475 (inferred from direct assay).
synonym: "UBR1-RAD6 complex" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0140535 ! intracellular protein-containing complex
is_a: GO:1990234 ! transferase complex

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