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Category:GO:0140530 ! MCM complex loading

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DAG for GO:0140530id: GO:0140530

name: MCM complex loading
namespace: biological_process
def: "The protein localization process in which two MCM complexes become associated with chromatin at replication origins. MCM loading begins when origin-bound ORC and Cdc6 (Cdc18 in fission yeast) recruit one MCM2-7/Cdt1 complex to the origin, includes formation of a succession of intermediate complexes and ATP hydrolysis-dependent Mcm2-7 ring closure, and ends when two MCM hexamers fully encircle DNA, and are oriented head-to-head. The double hexamer is inactive for DNA unwinding. MCM loading takes place during G1 phase, and precedes CMG complex assembly." [PMID:23603117, PMID:28191893, PMID:28191894, PMID:28501329]
synonym: "MCM complex loading at replication origin" EXACT []
synonym: "MCM double hexamer formation at replication origin" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0022402 ! cell cycle process
is_a: GO:0065004 ! protein-DNA complex assembly
relationship: part_of: GO:1902315 ! nuclear cell cycle DNA replication initiation

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